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Dora Lewis


  • Alexandros Karozas interview

    Read the Alexandros Karozas interview.


    HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN is organizing a roadshow for the winning films and other films from .


    is a cross-over festival devoted to Greek culture this year..

  • Gadjo Dilo

    A band that has combined the music of the legendary gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt.

  • Marina Satti

    We experienced a big surprise from the video of the rising singer and musician Marina Satt.

  • Natassa Bofiliou

    We would like to introduce an excellent singer from Greece. Natassa Bofiliou is one of the.

  • Margarita Theodorakis

    Margarita Theodorakis is the daughter of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. More than 2.

  • Eleni Vitali

    and the Estoudiantina Orchestra After the successful project “Homelands of the Greek.