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24.1.-28.1.2018, URBAN SPREE (Berlin-Friedrichshain)

HELLAS FILMBOX has developed and created a new form of cultural event and a new angle for cultural experience and dialogue.

This year’s festival at the new location Urban Spree will be a combination of 30 films, 5 music bands, 2 theatre events and an art exhibition including 6 artists. It will be an open door, all day-all night event set in an alternative, industrial, multi spacious warehouse in the most vivid and vibrant neighborhood of Berlin called Friedrichshain.


The heart of the renewed HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN 2018 will consist of a new kind of cultural event called “Box Talk”.  It emphasizes a new way of communicating that reveals its contradictions, that arises from an extended concept of art, which sees theory and social action as one, that enhances a direct dispute about topics relevant for society as well as for artists.


Opening event with Gadjo Dilo, Volker Schlöndorff, Human Touch (Ethno-Jazz Concert), Alexandros Voulgaris Box Talk & Nima Film, Hellas Filmbox Closing Event a.o.



We have invited …

from Greece: Zafeiris Haitidis, Alexandros Voulgaris, Yannis Sakaridis a.o.
from Germany: Konstantin Wecker, Volker Schlöndorff, Elisa Simantke, Friedrich Lichtenstein a.o.

The “box talks” will make up the center of the 2018 festival and combine elements of workshop, entertainment and artist portrait. Four “box talks” on four days – always with a German and a Greek filmmaker or artist in the limelight. The artists will present their work, thoughts and ideas through a moderated discussion lead by well-known moderators and journalists. Everything is permitted and desired: Film excerpts, Trailers, Blinks, Theses, Antitheses, Live performances, Dialogues, Pamphlets, Manifestos, Concepts Happenings.

Our vision is a very exciting, cross country, and at the same time very open-minded dialogue forum. We want to bring together great artists, unconventional thinkers, innovative filmmakers and gifted individualists.

The HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN mission: maintenance of the German-Greek dialogue, enhancing and stimulating it through arts and culture – primarily through film – through a time that has been and still is politically and interpersonally difficult for both countries.

This has been achieved in an exciting and outstanding way through the two editions of the HELLAS FILMBOX FESTIVAL in January 2016 and January 2017 as well as through the roadshow that followed each festival. The immense interest of the primarily German audience showed: These films, this Greece, this world – it wants to be seen, this festival wants to be experienced.

Within one year, HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN has shown more than 130 Greek (or Greek-related) films in Germany, more than 60 of them with specially produced German subtitles.

HELLAS FILMBOX thus provided new insights and aspects, opened up new conversations and impressions, connected through emotions and imaginations Greek films to a predominantly German audience of more than 10,000 people.

HELLAS FILMBOX provided more than 500 press releases in German and Greek media (including ARD, ZDF, 3Sat, SAT1, BILD, Stern, Focus, ZEIT, Süddeutsche etc.).

HELLAS FILMBOX brought together more than 300 Greek and German creators, predominantly film makers, within 12 months – especially in the Q & A sessions, juries, panels, exhibitions, parties, workshops, theatrical performances.

HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN became the largest Greek cultural event outside Greece.

The great success of the HELLAS FILMBOX project encourages us not to stand still but rather to further develop our aims and achievements, and not make ourselves comfortable with the experience and structure of a successful film festival.

We love Greece