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Dora Lewis


Mikis Theodorakis in Hamburg

“When I saw Ektoras conducting, I had the feeling that I wrote my first symphony just for him” Mikis Theodorakis has decided to collaborate with one of the most innovative orchestras, The Argo Ensemble, under the directions of conductor Ektoras Tartanis. In May 2018 in Laeiszhalle Hamburg...

Argo Ensemble

The Argo Ensemble would like to take the challenge to make every single concert an overall experience for the audience with coherence and respect in order to establish a new culture in performance of the classical music.


HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN is organizing a roadshow for the winning films and other films from its program, which will bring Greek filmmaking to other cinemas in Germany. Here are the road show dates...

Gadjo Dilo

A band that has combined the music of the legendary gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt with the 50's and 60's Greek music. By mixing these two different cultures and experimenting on more jazz sounds, they perform covers of famous Greek songs, written by some of...

Marina Satti

We experienced a big surprise from the video of the rising singer and musician Marina Satti from Greece. Not often do we come across with such an interesting musical mixture. Marina Satti is extremely modern without denying her musical roots. Watch the video! ...

Margarita Theodorakis

Margarita Theodorakis is the daughter of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. More than 20 years ago together with her father, they have founded "Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra". The orchestra interprets the compositions of Mikis Theodorakis in the initiative original orchestration. Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra "Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra" will be on tour...