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Dora Lewis

Alexandros Karozas

The Kavafis Project

The „Kavafis Project“ is an elemental work, which combines the wisdom of philosophy with the intuition of music. As a constant enquirer all of his life, Cavafis understood the contradictions of human existence, the decadence of bourgeois morality and the dubiousness of prevailing historiography.

It is unfortunate that his brilliant work only posthumously received an adaquate adknowledgement, which nonetheless shows his epoch-transcending relevance.

A significant, musical honor has been conferred on the oeuvre of this revolutionary of Greek literature by the composer Alexandros Karozas. The poet, just like the composer, has the perspective of the emigrant, who neither denies nor glorifies his origins. This detachment has enabled the composer to create his interpretation of Cavafis, in the style of western classical music, without entirely cutting himself off from the roots of the Greek musical tradition.

For 2018 and 2019 some performances are planned. Further information follows soon.

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